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    When the allergy season arrives, you'll be ready with nasal irrigation to relieve your sinus congestion and post nasal drip. Nasal irrigation with a plunger syringe and safety nozzle circulates saline solution quickly. You make your own saline solution with table salt and distilled water. Add more table salt if you want a stronger saline solution. Start with one tablespoon of table salt in a 8 oz. glass. The water you use in the saline solution is important. Do not use cold water. Use room temperature water. Tap water or faucet water needs to be boiled first for 4 minutes, then let it cool down. Boiling the water kills all microscopic life including the deadly one-celled ameba named NAEGLERIA FOWLERI. The best water to use in saline solutions is an unopened container of clearly marked DISTILLED WATER. It's available in grocery stores, and no boiling is needed. Never put tap water up your nose without boiling it first. It takes too long to cool down when you want fast relief from sinus congestion and post nasal drip.

    Warm freshwater going up the nose is dangerous if not boiled first. From lakes to rivers to ponds and creeks, even tap water. The parasites and bacteria are everywhere. You could drink warm freshwater and your stomach acids will kill the bacteria and ameba. The ameba can live in the nose and climb up your spinal cord to your brain. Many people don't know about the caution needed when injecting water up their nose. However, nasal irrigation is needed to flush out your nose mucus and open your sinuses.

    This irrigation syringe is easy to use. It thoroughly circulates the saline solution quickly. This is an effective sinus reliever and post nasal drip remover. The swift saline circulation is gentle. The saline solution drains into your mouth after the circulation. Empty your mouth into the sink. Refill as needed.



 Syringe with safety nozzle is 7.375" in lenght.






Wash your hands with soap and water.

Hold syringe with 2 hands. The nozzle neck with one hand, the syringe plunger with the other hand.

The nozzle neck is a depth indicator when inserting the nozzle tip in your nose.

Fill syringe with lukewarm saline solution. Guide the nozzle tip into your nostral and stop when nozzle neck touches bottom of nose.

  Inject with steady firm pressure. Empty full syringe in 4 seconds. Refill as needed to remove the nasal mucus, if any exists.

The mucus blocks the saline circulation from reaching your sinuses. Continue irrigation to remove nasal mucus. You'll notice saline in your mouth

when the mucus is flushed out. You may notice a drying saline sensation where the mucus was earlier.

The saline will reach your sinuses once the mucus is flushed out.


This device is NOT for use with recent surgeries on your nose, ears, or sinuses. Contact your doctor.




Infection from NAEGLERIA FOWLERI typically occurs when the ameba enters the body through the nose. The ameba

travels up the nose to the spinal cord and brain, where it destroys the brain tissue causing the disease primary amebic

meningoencephalitis (PAM). Generally, exposure to the ameba occurs when people use warm freshwater for vigorous

activities like swimming or diving in freshwater. Two cases of PAM in the USA have been linked to the use of

household tap water for irrigation of sinuses. Most commonly this ameba is found in warm bodies of

freshwater, lakes, rivers, hot springs, and many more places of freshwater.

 The disease has public health importance because of its high fatality rate.

The disease progresses rapidly and infection usually results in death within 3 to 7 days.

Naegleria fowleri infection cannot spread from person to person contact or drinking contaminated water.

All warm freshwater bodies have ameba in them. It is unknown why certain persons become infected with

the ameba while millions of others exposed to warm recreational freshwaters do not, including those who were

swimming with people who became infected.





More Instructions:

    If you must use tap water, boil water for 4 minutes (elevations above 6,500 feet, boil it for 6 minutes) then let it cool.

     Add one tablespoon of table salt to an 8 oz. glass of previously boiled water. Stir it well.

      Make extra saline solution if needed. Then fill up syringe.

   Insert the nozzle tip into nasal canal. Hold steady and inject with steady firm force. Refill as needed.

   Rinse the irrigation syringe when finished and use the water that was previously boiled or distilled.



This syringe and safety nozzle is cleanable.

Remove the nozzle and boil it for 3-4 minutes.

Fill syringe with water and add 3 drops of mild dish soap in syringe. Shake it well, and empty.

 Remove all remaining soap bubbles.

Don't boil syringe or rubber plunger. Clean syringe after daily use.

Leave the syringe open to air dry completely.



The users of this device had a range of a mild case of sinus congestion to a chronic case of sinus congestion.

This device is for adult use only.



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